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As always I received the finest of professional service and attention from a most pleasant and efficient staff. It is a pleasure to come to your office and to inter act with a great team.

Bruce C

Have you ever heard anyone say that a root canal was NOT PAINFUL? Well you just did. A great experience for going to the Dentist. If there was an Olympic Medal for synchronized grinding they would get a GOLD MEDAL.

Gary M

Just wanted to say thank you as always for the great experience! It is so great to be back with all of you. Although I had a great dentist while out-of-state, no office compares to the treatment experienced with your team!

Lorie L

I blew it and got there a week early for my appointment. They were very kind and graciously fit me into their schedule. Plus they did a great job cleaning my teeth. Oh, and on the way out I picked up a free tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some lip sunscreen. Now that’s what I call encouragement to keep up good dental hygiene.

Marilyn K

From someone who was terrified at the prospect of going to the Dentist to now one who can go without needing anxiety medication – this staff is excellent. Always attentive and concerned, never any pain and always friendly. A big turnaround for me – thank you!

Jennifer W

I went for my bi-annual cleaning and as always, the staff was friendly, professional and efficient. I have recommended this office to friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. They are the very best!!

Scott F

As most people find, it is hard to find a dentist that you can keep. Are they doing only what they need to do? Are they doing a good job? Why do I have to wait so long? Why does this operation look so unprofessional? Questions we all ask. All I can say is that you want ask these questions with Chan and Segulyev. Great dentist, assistant and office staff!

Alfred T

The dental hygienist was very professional and did an outstanding job – very knowledgeable too about her work. As usual all the staff, Leslie, Alina are wonderful and so friendly!

Bruce C

The most caring and gentle team ever!

Marge A

Like many people I’m usually not too excited about visiting the dentist. However, Dr. Segulyev and his staff met and far exceeded all my expectations. I initially went in for a cleaning about a year ago and left very satisfied. I had all my questions thoroughly answered and did not feel rushed unlike at some other offices I had been to. Realizing I had finally found a trustworthy Dentist I decided to proceed with a needed root canal, crowns and several veneers I had been waiting for. I am very pleased with the outcome especially since I finally have the smile that I always wanted. I’m certainly not one to write reviews unless I feel it is well deserved and this case in no exception. Thank you Dr. Segulyev.

Emin S

I don’t know where to begin. After my dentist retired, Dr. Segulyev took over his patients. At first I was a bit apprehensive but that completely disappeared and I am completely thrilled Dr. Segulyev is my dentist. To be totally honest, I have always been panic ridden to have a filling and the thought of a crown sent me over the edge but I have had 2 maybe 3 crowns and each experience has been better than the one before. No pain, no anxiety ( well maybe a tiny bit ), no awful full mouth impressions!  He is the BEST!!!! Next month, I will have a root canal and while I admit, to being a little scared, I know Dr. Segulyev will get me through it. Lastly, the staff, I LOVE THEM TOO!!! Very caring, very gentle, just the best!!!

Dana G

After my long time dentist retired, Dr. Segulyev became my dentist.

Going to the dentist has never been a favorite thing to do, but I have to admit, I don’t mind at all! Dr. Segulyev has done 3 replacement crowns and I have to admit, it was a breeze. He’s doing another in a month.

I love the entire staff…professional and personable. Katrina does my cleaning and she is the best. Many thanks to everyone!


As we all know that nobody is excited about going to the dentist… But, I think anyone who selects Dr. James Segulyev as their dentist will quickly change their mind.  I have had an amazing experience over the last year and a few months. He has helped change my smile from something that I felt self-conscious about, to someone who can’t stop smiling!  Dr. Segulyev is very gentle and truly cares about your comfort and the health of your mouth/teeth.  Every member of his staff is truly professional! I’m very thankful that I found this talented dentist. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Barbara H

I have had a genuine fear of dentists my whole life. It all started with a toothache some 60 years ago, which resulted in an extremely painful extraction. Despite an injection with Novocain, it was still so painful that I ended up fainting. Since that fateful day, I would not let anyone put a needle in my mouth and never would I let another extraction be done. Throughout my life, I have had nothing but pain and fear in the dental chair. Then a few years ago, I had a tooth that was bothering me for quite some time and my wife suggested I call Jim to have a look at it. I live in Northern California and despite the long distance to see him, I flew down to Burbank. He is now the only person I will let put any dental instrument in my mouth. IF ONLY JIM WERE AROUND THOSE MANY MANY YEARS AGO, all of my fears of dentists would not have happened. All those years of pain in the dental chair would not have been necessary. His bedside manner while I am in the chair, his explanations of what will be done are absolutely wonderful. If you have had a painful experience with other wanna-be dentists like I have, call Jim. Have you ever been called by your dentist afterwards to see how you are doing? Jim does. Most people I know schedule an appointment and drive to it. I continue to fly to see my dentist and will continue to do so as long as I need a dentist.

Bill K

Best dentist on the planet! Dental assistants are also fantastic! I am committed for life!

Larry D

Dr. Segulyev is my hero. For the first time in my life, I have had a dental visit that was not traumatic. He has restored my faith and trust in dentists, which is saying a lot since I have had a lifetime of fear and anxiety over dentists. After falling off my bike and damaging my four front teeth 55 years ago, my parents took me to a dentist who was brutal, mean, and lacked compassion, instilling terror within my soul at the mere mention of the word dentist.  Since then, my visits to the dentist were few and far between and I would only go to a dentist when I had pain so severe I couldn’t tolerate it any longer and even at that point, it took every ounce of strength, drugs and several friends to drag me into the dental office. And that was just getting me into the office. Getting me into the chair was a whole different story, let alone getting me to open my mouth! Then Dr. Segulyev came into my life upon a recommendation of a friend. He was made aware of the trauma I sustained as a child and how traumatic it was for me to just enter a dental office, not to mention sitting in his chair or even allowing any work to be done. He got me to relax, showed great compassion and managed to ease my fear and he did all this without any drugs! My biggest fear and anxiety came when I was sitting in his chair, tears running down my face as I waited for the shot to come (I don’t do needles either) and then I realized my mouth was getting numb! Impossible, I’m thinking, how did that happen?

Kathleen B


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