Rejuvenation Dentistry

What is Rejuvenation Dentistry?

The Biology of Your Smile

Rejuvenation Dentistry is a new biology-based approach to treatment. Based on extensive scientific research and observation of the human chewing system, Rejuvenation Dentistry is a comprehensive process where:

  • Jaw joints are stable
  • Muscles are relaxed
  • Teeth are not worn down

Patients who undergo Rejuvenation Dentistry enjoy:

  • Excellent esthetics
  • Improved function
  • Comfort
  • Preservation of the natural teeth
  • Long-lasting dental health

Pain and dysfunction are alleviated, and appearance is enhanced as a result of the process.

There are several factors that distinguish Rejuvenation Dentistry from cosmetic dentistry, according to Dr. Segulyev.

“As a practitioner of Rejuvenation Dentistry, I diagnose the cause of tooth wear and other chewing system problems, rather than just treating the symptoms,” he says. “Cosmetic dentistry’s primary purpose is to beautify the teeth or smile and is driven by appearance rather than function. The Rejuvenation Dentistry process restores damaged teeth to their original, youthful shape and optimizes mouth function. As a result, patients feel better, look their best and the need for future restorative dental work is significantly reduced. It’s a comprehensive and proactive approach to dental health.”

While Rejuvenation Dentistry has been around for many years, practicing it with minimally invasive dentistry techniques is a fairly recent addition and that makes it groundbreaking. It also means that the information available on these techniques is only offered by a select few who are pioneers in the field.

Traditionally, to correct major alignment issues or to create a winning smile, dentists turned to crowns, sometimes crowning every tooth in a patient’s mouth to get the desired functionality and aesthetics. There’s a lot of room for things to go wrong with this process and, quite frankly, if you don’t need to remove all of that tooth structure, why would you?

Pioneers in the minimally-invasive Rejuvenation Dentistry field work to conserve your natural tooth structure. While crowns are sometimes still necessary, applying certain techniques to resin-composite materials allows for less removal of tooth structure. The newer techniques also ensure that, in the hands of an expertly-trained dentist, a patient will still have a beautiful smile and it will last longer than traditionally-placed resin-composites.

Rejuvenation Dentistry is a relatively new school of thought based on biology principles.

There has been extensive research performed on how chewing works and functions to shape the field. So Rejuvenation Dentistry focuses on an in-depth process to improve the jaw’s stability, ensure the TMJ muscles are relaxed, which all work to keep the teeth from becoming damaged.

Dentists who practice rejuvenation dentistry aren’t necessarily just treating symptoms but diagnosing the chewing system as a whole. It is about restoring teeth to their original shape and function to give better results. The goals of Rejuvenation Dentistry are:

  • Aesthetics
  • Overall functionality
  • Long-term improved oral health

Rejuvenation Dentistry is Age-Reversing Dentistry.

Of course we cannot actually go back in time to become younger. However, the restoration of a chewing and smiling system to its optimal function results in a more youthful appearance by:

  • Creation of natural lasting beauty
  • Elimination of most headaches
  • Optimal relaxation of the facial, head and neck muscles.

This cannot be accomplished by just fixing the teeth, which is the focus of traditional dentistry. No, this is accomplished through the wonder of Rejuvenation Dentistry.

Too often, dental care focuses on managing the symptoms of dental disease. Rejuvenation Dentistry transforms dental care by adopting a new paradigm – one that establishes the goal of bringing you to the highest level of health possible by treating the underlying cause of disease.

Rejuvenation Dentistry replicates the forms and function found in natural dental biology.

It calls for a conservative approach to dental care. Meticulous comparative studies of your teeth and jaw position are used to develop an individualized treatment plan especially suited for you. This is accomplished utilizing digital x-rays of your teeth and jaw joint, photographs and models of your teeth mounted in a jaw-simulator that is custom programmed to simulate your chewing and jaw movements.

Three characteristics of the IDEAL CHEWING AND SMILING SYSTEM must be replicated to establish health, comfort and lasting beauty.

  1. Stable jaw joint position (TMJ) – sadly, this is almost always ignored in traditional dentistry. In Rejuvenation Dentistry establishing a stable TMJ is the top priority.
  2. Correct upper–to-lower teeth relationship so that the brain perceives and directs the jaw muscles to guide the jaw home without teeth colliding, clenching or grinding. Combined with a stable jaw position this leads to the elimination of most headaches and optimally relaxed jaw muscles resulting in a more youthful transformation of the face and eyes.
  3. Proper tooth form – the proper shape of the teeth provides the ultimate in chewing efficiency comfort and a BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

Rejuvenation Dentistry has helped many people address years of dental health issues with little or no removal of their own natural teeth!

I believe in Rejuvenation Dentistry so much that I spent nearly two years training at the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies during 2014-2016 to learn this so I can help my patients. In this short time, we have already helped many people, who tell us of their newly found lease on life after the elimination of the chronic health problems that plagued them for years. These health problems included headaches, neck and facial muscle pain, ear pain, clenching, grinding, tooth pain and gum recession, jaw bone loss, fractured teeth, a constant ‘awareness’ of their teeth/bite…just to name a few. I feel privileged and honored to be able to offer Rejuvenation Dentistry to my patients. This might or might not be the right time for you, only you can determine this, but please know I am here to help you to make the best decision for yourself at this time in your life