TMJ, Tooth Wear and Muscle Soreness: How Your Mouth Is Like A Car










TMJ, Tooth Wear, and Muscle Soreness

Patients often ask me what Rejuvenation Dentistry is and if it can benefit their health.  My answer is always, absolutely!  The best way to describe Rejuvenation Dentistry is to think of an analogy that we can all relate to, your car’s tires!

No doubt, you have had a situation in which your tires continually wear prematurely or your car is constantly wanting to pull in one direction.  You decide to take the car to your local mechanic.  Your mechanic gives you two options; you can replace the tires but he mentions that the reason your tires are wearing is that the alignment of the vehicle is off.  By simply replacing the tires, you will not be getting to the cause of why the tires are wearing out prematurely and your car is pulling to one side.  As a result, the tires will continue to wear MUCH faster than they should, and you will need new tires much faster than if you addressed the cause of the problem, THE ALIGNMENT.

Our mouths are just like a car and tires.  The teeth are the wheels, and the jaw joints (TMJs) are the alignment.  The muscles are the steering wheel that you have to constantly adjust just so you can stay on the road.  The Teeth (your tires) are not supposed to wear out.  They are built to last as long as you do.  Unfortunately, if your joints are out of alignment, it will cause your muscles to work much harder than they need to.  In addition, your teeth will wear out too soon, be sensitive, break, need unnecessary crowns and root canals.  In addition, if your alignment is off (the joints), you could experience headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, ringing in the ears, vertigo, and other systemic symptoms you had no idea related to dentistry.

Most dentists focus on the teeth (the wheels) without looking at the alignment.  Dentists are not trained to look at the whole car, just a portion of the car.  Because of this, you never address the CAUSE of why your teeth wear away, break, and all the other symptoms I described again.  So because the cause of disease is not addressed, you will never be able to create a long lasting solution to your dental problems.

I saw this scenario play out countless times, so I went looking for a way to help my patients and all patients who suffer from “TMJ”, worn teeth, headaches, and neck/shoulder pain.  I have spent years training with some of the best dentists in the world that treat the very symptoms you may be experiencing.  And I have learned a way to create long-lasting, beautiful dentistry in a Minimally Invasive way, often without removing any of your natural tooth structure.  The result is that we address the whole dental system, give you a beautiful, comfortable, and pain-free smile!

To Your Health,

James Segulyev, DDS