How Often Should Dental X-Rays Be Taken?

I’m often asked, How Often Rays Be Taken?

A frequently asked question at our office is, “How often should I have x-rays taken?” This is a great question! As a general rule of thumb, you should get a set of bitewings taken once a year, and a full mouth series (FMX) once every 3 years. Of course, if you are experiencing pain (other problems/concerns/suspicion) in between x rays, additional ones may need to be taken to diagnose what is going on. In this post we’ll explore the risk of radiation from dental x-rays and the factors that determine how often you need x-rays taken.

How Much Radiation is in a Dental X-Ray?

Modern, digital x rays are extremely low in radiation, unlike older x-ray machines. In fact, the dental assistant in our office stays in the same room with the patient while their x –rays are taken. To Illustrate this point, we made this infographic to compare the radiation from dental x-rays to the radiation we are exposed to everyday:

Dental X Ray Exam