Can You Regrow Enamel?

We are often asked, Can You Regrow Enamel?

We’ve all seen the ads that tell us that you can avoid the dentist and take some supplement or brush your teeth with the latest and greatest toothpaste and suddenly our bodies will regrow lost enamel “naturally.”  This is both untrue and alarming.  Sadly these ads are encouraging people to leave cavities untreated and they WILL only get worse.

Cavities never go away on their own.  Enamel is a highly mineralized substance that covers your teeth and protects them from damage.  Unlike your bones, enamel has no living cells and cannot repair itself once it’s gone.  There are things that you can do to strengthen and remineralize weakened enamel, but you cannot regrow it as some ads imply.

Once decay (cavities) penetrates the enamel, it spreads to the next layer of your teeth called – dentin.  Once the cavity enters into dentin it will spread much more quickly as dentin is much softer and porous than hard enamel.

Your dental health and overall health are connected, leaving cavities and other oral conditions untreated can cause problems not only in your mouth but within your body as well.

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To Your Health,

James Segulyev, DDS