Take-Home Whitening

Why Custom Take-Home Bleaching Trays are Our Favorite Approach

There are many options available for you to whiten your teeth, and in our practice, we believe that at-home (take home) whitening is the best approach.  And while there’s nothing wrong with over-the-counter whitening products, or even in-office whitening treatment, at-home whitening is still the best long-term solution. In this article, we’re going to discuss why!

Consistent and Even Whitening

We create custom trays for our whitening patients, which serve two important purposes. The first is to make sure that the whitening material stays in the tooth area and doesn’t leak in to the gum area where it can cause burning and irritation. Of course, a small bit of material won’t do any harm, but over-the-counter products, by their nature, do not and cannot have the same intimate fit with your teeth as do custom trays. The second reason we make custom trays is that trays designed specifically for you, the patient, ensure that the whitening material is distributed evenly across all of your teeth (left to right), and across your individual teeth (top-to-bottom).

Better Control of Shade

Because we have custom trays and the advantages that come with those trays (see above), we can much better control the amount of whitening that we do.  By varying the time spent whitening (hours per day and total days), we can tweak the color change much more predictably than we could with supermarket/drugstore products or in-office whitening.


Take-home whitening treatment lasts longer than the other whitening treatments because it’s done over time. And while all whitening will wear off, take-home whitening is the least resistant to fading. Regardless of whitening method, one must also be careful in the early stages after whitening to avoid dark foods such as red wine, strawberries and chocolate, as these  foods can stain!

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