Are the Black Lines around my Crowns Cavities?

Black Lines around Crowns

Many people have crowns in the front of their mouth, and sometimes black lines can appear around the edges. Patients often ask Dr. Segulyev if these lines mean that they have cavities.

Black Lines are Usually Not Cavities

Fortunately, black lines around crowns are not cavities, rather – they are stains on the root surface from the material of the old crown.  And while there is sometimes decay present, ore often than not, this is a simply an esthetic issue that Dr. Segulyev an easily fix.

All-Ceramic Crowns to the Rescue

One of the most popular esthetic options that we offer in our office is all-ceramic crowns. All-ceramic crowns (sometimes called “all porcelain” crowns) are restorations that have no metal, and are designed to be used for the demanding esthetics of front teeth.

It’s Time to Smile Again!

So if you have black lines around your crowns, and you’d like them gone, please give us a call at: 818-846-6464.  And to learn more about all ceramic crowns, you can visit our cosmetic dentistry page.