Because we work with a known model of health.  We know what a healthy mouth looks like and to the degree our patients want to be healthy, we help them get there.  The good news is we don’t have to be perfect.  We just have to move toward wellness, beginning with stopping the mouth from deteriorating.    Unlike traditional medicine today where symptoms are treated with little regard for their cause, we are as interested in the cause of the problem as we are in repairing the problem.


Because we designed this practice with our patients’ best interest in mind.  We continually live in the question of what kind of practice would we like our families to enter and receive care given what we know today.  What has worked best for over 40 years is to put the patient first, then the team, and then the doctor, knowing full well that the doctor can never win until the patients and team members win first.  We understand that this is counter-cultural but it has proven the only way for everyone to win.

Our Vision Statement

At Chan and Segulyev, it is our goal to excel at providing an exceptional dental experience and outstanding customer care for our patients.  We will do this by helping them to be completely comfortable in our office and focus on building relationships with them based on mutual trust, respect, and integrity.  We will not only meet their expectations, but we will exceed their expectations.  We will know their names, invite them to relax, see only one patient at a time, help them to get to know us and educate them about their dental conditions and options.  We will run on time, utilize advanced dental techniques, procedures and materials, and advance our training and knowledge through continued education.  Never will we shortchange our patients or ourselves by accepting anything less than the highest quality of care. We will be the best at improving our patients’ lives…one smile at a time.